Suicidal Tendencies at the Showbox Sodo

Suicidal Tendencies at The Showbox SoDo (Photo by Mike Baltierra)
Michael Baltierra Suicidal Tendencies at The Showbox SoDo (Photo by Mike Baltierra)

Legendary cross over thrashers Suicidal Tendencies, aka Suicidal or ST, performed to a sold out Showbox Sodo in Seattle. The venue was packed with older rockers, aging punks, and even newer fans who have recently found the band or who were turned onto them by their older siblings or even their parents! Doesn’t matter, people came to have a good time and ST did not disappoint!

Suicidal Tendencies announced a North American and Australian tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album.

Getting the show started were Seattle’s own Filth is Eternal. This band came in hot and fast and immediately proceeded to kick everyone’s ass with a blistering 25-minute set.  If there wasn’t a lot interest in the band or if a majority of the audience hadn’t heard of Filth is Eternal prior to this evening, they definitely know who this band is now. The band, consisting of Lis Di Angelo (they, them) – Vocals, Brian McCelland – Lead Guitar, Mike Sparks – Bass, Emily Salisbury – Drums, and Colin Jenkins – rhythm guitar, were solid, tight and had a heavy sound to them. Di Angelo was an awesome front person, who not only can belt out the gnarliest of screams, but they actually can sing which is kind of rare when it comes to hardcore or punk. Salisbury was a monster on the drums and the rest of the band were bad ass.

They have some local shows coming up in the Seattle area, so its highly suggested that you go check out this amazing band (support your local musicians!). Also, give them a follow on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter / X.

There was about an hour wait between sets and the crowd was growing impatient – chanting “SUICIDAL! SUICIDAL!” – hoping that the band would come out sooner rather than later.

Members of the band – Dean Pleasants (guitar), Tye Trujillo (bass), Ben Weinmann (guitar) and Greyson Nekrutman (drums), opened their set with “You Can’t Bring Me Down!” which is the opening track off of their 1990 release Lights…Camera…Revolution!

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?” belted singer Mike Muir as he made his way onto the stage. To say that the band was a ball of fury is an understatement. They were running and jumping around, not missing a beat. The audience turned into a moshing frenzy and there were also a great number of crowd surfers as well.

The band then jumped right into tracks off their debut album. “Suicide’s an Alternative”, “I Shot Reagan”, and “Memories of Tomorrow”. Weinmann was jumping off his amps and then crowd walking, Pleasants also jumping off the drum riser and hopping up and down and Muir running around all over the stage while interacting with those in the audience.

As the band broke into “Cyco Vision” the audience split in two, with a large area in the middle of the venue, which meant only one thing. That’s right, the wall of death. They then proceeded to create an even larger mosh pit.

“YOU CAN’T SPELL SEATTLE WITHOUT ST! Let’s GO SEATTLE!” Muir yelled as he encouraged even larger wall of death and the audience delivered!

Muir asked people from the audience to join the band on stage and at one point there had to have been close to 30 people on the stage while the band performed “Pledge Your Allegiance”, “Institutionalized”, and “Two Sided Politics”.

Everyone had an amazing time, and Suicidal Tendencies put an awesome show.


You Can’t Bring Me Down
Suicide’s An Alternative
I Shot Reagan
Memories of Tomorrow
Facist Pig
Won’t Fall in Love Today
War Inside My Head
I Saw Your Mommy
Possessed To Skate
I Want More
Suicidal Failure
Cyco Vision
Pledge Your Allegiance
Two Sided Politics