Blacktop Mojo Headlines Substation

blacktop mojo at substation
Blacktop Mojo at Substation (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

After a nearly two year hiatus from their first tour stop in Seattle, Substation in Ballard was where Blacktop Mojo found themselves headlining a show this week in front of a much bigger crowd than last time. Some fans drove from as far as Canada, all to raise a glass and cheer on one of their favorite rock bands.

Their fan base is on a steady incline thanks to their YouTube videos that have risen by hundreds of thousands of views in recent months, and fresh off the September release of their third album, Under The Sun, they have much more music to share with fans. Their current headlining tour will continue to move across the Midwest through the spring, and summer dates are already lined up to bring more music to more stages and into more ears.

Take a look at our gallery of the fun had at Substation on this night, and keep your eye on Blacktop Mojo.

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