Sami Chohfi Films “Dirty Your Soul” in India

Sami Chohfi (Photo: Alexandre Suplicy)
Sami Chohfi (Photo: Alexandre Suplicy) #samichohfi #begoodtopeople

Singer- songwriter and International artist Sami Chohfi has been extremely busy for the last two years; writing, recording and touring in places such as India, Portugal, Armenia, Japan, Kenya, Cambodia, France, Brazil and the Philippines. Chohfi is about to launch his debut solo album Extraordinary World, which was written in six countries across the globe.

You may recognize Chohfi as the front man for the rock band Blue Helix. While Blue Helix is an awesome hard rock band with incredible tunes and some of the best musicians from within the Seattle area, Chohfi decided to take a different route with his solo work by writing an album inspired by people he has connected with all over the world and working with artists he has met and grown to respect over the last five years.

In a conversations with Chohfi, he mentioned the title track of the album “Extraordinary World,” which was written in Siem Riep, Cambodia after meeting a street artist born without arms. This man had the most positive outlook on life and had adapted to become an amazing jewelry maker. Chohfi mentioned that even though this man was born with such a disadvantage he adapted his life to be able to use his feet to create art and express himself. Chohfi was inspired to see this man’s resolve. Many of the songs off of this debut album have an overtone of hope.

Back in the summer of 2019, Chohfi released his first solo video single for the song “It’s Just Me,” which introduced the world to a different side of Chohfi’s songwriting and vocal capabilities. Chohfi is set to release six music videos over the course of the next six months filmed all over the globe. Some of the songs’ videos were filmed in the same location as the song was originally written.

Though the world, particularly the music world, has been put on hold due to the continuing global pandemic, Chohfi still has managed to keep busy. He has been putting on a series of live stream concerts from his studio. These concerts have been streamed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If there were any doubts as to the musicianship and vocal abilities of Chohfi, especially as solo acoustic artist, they can be cast aside. A full band, with heavy distorted guitars and loud drums can mask the imperfections of a performer. With these performances, it is clear that this artist can stand alone with a mic and a guitar, raw and vulnerable, and put on an even more captivating performance.

Chohfi has always performed with passion, pouring every ounce of energy into his performances. His playing is impeccable, and his commanding voice is layered with emotion.

July 2020 saw the release of Chohfi’s latest video single, “Dirty Your Soul” which was filmed in India. The video was filmed by Alexandre Suplicy. Most of the footage in the video was done in one take. With scenes filmed throughout various locations, such as the Old Delhi Market, the Holi Festival, and Patrika Gate, the locals who appear in the video look to be very happy and excited as to what’s happening around them. The music video is extremely unique, and the production is top notch. Even though the song’s lyrics are very deep and poetic the video makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.

Chohfi has been writing and working on Extraordinary World for the better part of the last couple of years. If the two singles he has released so far are any indication of what we can expect, Extraordinary World is set to be one of the best releases of the year.

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