Jon Yoon busks the month of May to raise cash for MCP (Video Interview)

Levi Ware, Stephanie Ware and Jon Yoon (Photo by Jason Tang)

Levi Ware, Stephanie Ware and Jon Yoon (Photo by Jason Tang)

Jon Yoon is a fixture in the music community. He volunteers his time and talent to Seattle Living Room Shows by working the door or lending a hand in helping set up or whatever else is needed.

Rarely if ever, is he not seen without his trusty ukulele in tow, ready to break it out at any time to play a little ditty.

Jon broke out his instrument every day in the Month of May down at Pike Place market and busked his heart out to raise money for Melodic Caring Project. His efforts helped raise $650.00 for MCP.

This past Thursday night backstage at The Triple Door, prior to The Local Strangers and The Cellar Door show, John presented Melodic Caring Project founders Stephanie and Levi Ware with the check.

Jon, plans more busking adventures in the future to raise money for the Melodic Caring Project movement.

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