Blaqk Audio Coming To Crocodile

Blaqk Audio

Blaqk Audio: Material

The drama, the heartbreak, the echoing synths . . . pull out your darkest eyeliner. Blaqk Audio are coming to town. What began as a side project for Davey Havok and Jade Puget of angst-punk rockers AFI has turned into a full-blown electronic endeavor with the release of BA’s third full-length Material in April.

Havok and Puget deliver odes of appreciation for their electronic forebears – think Depeche Mode and Ministry with a side of The Killers and New Order – taking twisted to a new level. Having moved fully to crafting the album on Ableton Live, Blaqk Audio are digging in their oh-so-chic heels. With Havok’s lyrics as poetic as ever, there’s a cooled-off distance here that’s fitting for the genre departure. It’s accessible, dramatic, and explosively simple.

Catch them live headlining The Crocodile, Wednesday May 11.

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