Frayle: A Gothic Vocal Queen

Frayle at The Showbox (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

Cleveland’s Frayle has a voice that rains down on you like shards of fairy dust, quietly cutting with deep precision. There’s no screaming here, just perfectly synchronized vocal annunciations that hit your soul. Her melodic tones are ones that might tend to haunt you along paths in the dark, like eerie echoes that are trying to lead you from the light into the darkness, where dreams border nightmares.

Frayle’s latest tour (opening for Cradle of Filth) recently hit The Showbox in Seattle. Hearing her songs live, especially the cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire,” was ominous, to say the least. Her gothic vocals on that track gives you a feeling of being engulfed in the flames themselves. “The Ring Of Fire video, filmed inside Cleveland’s House of Wills (thought to have an abundance of paranormal activity for decades), takes you into the clutches of the dark. Having seen this location in person back in 2019, the site alone is definitely terrifyingly haunting, especially at night. The aura that surrounds its gates is enough to send chills. Frayle’s vocals are similarly haunting and thrived inside of this location, as they do from the stage, and whatever device you listen to music through.


Dead Inside

Things That Make Us Bleed

Treacle & Revenge

Let The darkness In

All The Things I Was

Ring Of Fire

Darker Than Black

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