Mikhael Mei Williams

Mikhael Mei Williams was born and raised in Seattle where she worked for a software gazillionaire who took her on private jets to wildly exotic locales, introduced her to Bono and took me to the Edge. She dined with Dreamworks execs, held meetings with Peter Gabriel, Cornell West, and Frank Gehry, hung out in the Soundgarden with Metallica and Beck.

Mikhael managed to get a gig promoting one of her favorite music & arts fests of all time – Bumbershoot. She worked, frenetically paced, long hours, but unfortunately the gig was very short-lived but she made a huge impact on the people that she worked with.

Undaunted, she forged on and landed a sweet gig with an uber music giant, AEG and thus, Mikhael went from being a big fish in a small nonprofit puddle to a very, very small fish in a giant corporate sea. (see. head. spin.) Her newest venture includes a paycheck, amazing music on indoor stages, and the excuse to hang out with some of my favorite people in Seattle music plus she gets to see amazing shows and call it work. Can you say, Paul Simon at the Showbox, anyone? Mikhael can and does.

Like many of us at SMI, Mikhael can’t live without music. If you love live shows, if you sing, play an instrument or just tend to hang out in close proximity to a band, she will probably think you’re cool by association.

Mikhael will be a regular contributor to SMI Radio keeping you up on some of the coolest bands and artists and some of the stellar music happenings coming up at the world famous Showbox and other venues throughout the region.