SMI New Music Preview: ‘Rotting on the Vine’ by The Purrs

 by Timmy Held

In September of this year, Seattle psych-pop-shoe gazers, The Purrs signed with Fin Records, a growing NW label that’s home to The Walkabouts and many more. In anticipation of their up-coming full-length album, The Boy With the Astronaut Eyes, a 7” featuring two new tunes from The Purrs, was released on December 4th titled Rotting on the Vine.

Packaged in lovely hand-numbered sleeves containing a classy clear 7” vinyl inside, it is almost worth buying just for some new wall art. However, the real beauty lies within the precise etchings made to mate with a vibrating needle.

The title track, Rotting on the Vine, is a perfect example of what’s great about The Purrs; they have a seemingly effortless ability to summon nostalgic emotional utterances akin to those induced by 90’s post-grunge alternative while remaining sonically current. Complete with bouncy bar chord driven riffs, laced with spaced-out, psychedelic noodlings, this is easily one of their best tracks to date.

The haunting track You, the Medicine and Me exhibits a bit of the dark side of The Purrs and showcases the added dimension guitarist/back-up vocalist Liz Herrin adds to their sound. This is the first release as the current line-up and the male/female call and response vocal melody of this song is an exciting preview of what is to come on the band’s next full-length release.

Pick up Rotting on the Vine at Silver Platters, Easy Street Records, and Sonic Boom Records or better yet at one of the live shows!

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