Raise your glasses…Champagne Champagne reuniting for Doe Bay Fest

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The good folks at Artist Home announced the complete line up for Doe Bay Fest last night in a most unconventional fashion. They didn’t do it via a press release or launch party. They chose to take to Facebook and Twitter.

Starting at 6:00pm PST, Doe Bay Fest took to Twitter to announce each artist participating in the Festival’s eighth year starting off with the announcement of Issac Pierce and then tweeting each artist announcement throughout the evening. The lineup announcement culminated several hours later with the pleasantly surprising reveal of the reunion of the critically acclaimed indie, hip hop / rock outfit, Champagne Champagne, who will return after a four year absence.

The “tweetfest” also provided some other great announcements, like Lee Fields and the Expressions headlining Friday night along with some other brilliant acts like Artist Home mainstays, Hobosexual, who played the first annual Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in 2013. In addition, Doe Bay Fest 2015 will bring you, Bryan John Appleby, Daniel Blue, Bi Bhiman, Motopony, Kris Orlowski, The Local Stangers, Thunder Pussy, Polyrhythmics and a lot more.

For ticket information and the complete lineup, please visit http://www.doebayfest.com

Champagne Champagne– Seattle’s own punk-rap-shoegazers, backroom brown hornets, vibrate higher in their magnetic blackness. Two MC’s: Pearl Dragon, lifer-a  smoke-breathing hood Jim Morrison- and Sir Thomas Gray, the hyperactivated game-gifted trouble man. One producer/multi-instrumentalist DJ Gajamagic (AKA Mark Gadjahar, drummer/founding member of defunct Seattle posthardcore institution The Blood Brothers, current backbone to Past Lives and Weekend) – master of dark arts, road-trip Macgyver, and sound systems savage. Together they “outrap and outparty everyone” (via Seattle Weekly), drink greenrooms dry, and smash packed clubs and sweaty basements alike with their afrofuturist afterparty music- rejecting easy classifications, broke groupies, and bammer weed. Just picture The Cure, Cody ChesnuTT and Cannibal Ox at a Pabst-soaked jam in a haunted mansion. Now picture The ‘Pagne burning it the fuck down. Yeah, you got it.

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