New Blood: SunSets West To Play Anchor Pub Saturday

SunSets West (Poster: Alexander Vincini)

SunSets West (Poster: Alexander Vincini)

When new band SunSets West takes the stage at The Anchor Pub this Saturday, you may recognize some familiar faces. Half of SunSets West is made up of members of the erstwhile Everett band Shark The Herald (bassist Tyler Holmes and guitarist Nick Michel). Their drummer hails from the raucous punk duo, Johnny Hoffman and the Residents, also defunct. The one fresh face is that of vocalist Marianne Stover. SunSets West describes its sound as similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which could prove interesting (and fun) in a live situation.

Two seasoned bands are supporting this show: The Requisite and Whiskey Syndicate. The Requisite’s vocalist, Maxwell Royce, sings with an impassioned voice, and their songs, which bring to mind images of a clear summer day, are guaranteed to get people moving. Opener Whiskey Syndicate is promising to play some new music on Saturday. Their sound is in-your-face funky cowpunk rock.

The music starts at 9 p.m. at The Anchor Pub in Everett. It’s 21 and over, and it’s free! And when the train goes by, there’s one dollar PBRs. You know you want to.

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