“A Band in Seattle Christmas” delivers locals-only versions of holiday tunes

The Staxx Brothers’s “Slow Jam for Christmas”

If someone told you that they were putting together an hour-long holiday special filled with a mixture of classics and original songs performed by 21 Seattle artists, you might think that that person was crazy. However, that is what local television and web program Band in Seattle has been doing for several months. Twenty-one artists came to Victory Studios to shoot for the Christmas special, either putting their spin on a classic Christmas song or performing an original. 

This year’s special includes a variety of bands, including The Staxx Brothers, Blake Lewis, Bread and Butter, Jessica Lynne, Whitney Monge, Whitney Lyman, Jupe Jupe, Jake Hemming and the Bereaved, Afton Prater, Charlie and the Rays, Vaudeville Etiquette, Sundae + Mr Goessl, The Bend, Star Anna, Furniture Girls, Champagne Honeybee, Good Company, Geoffrey Castle, Sweetkiss Momma, The Malady of Sevendials, and The Crying Shame. 

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of genres covered here. You’ll get a taste of rock and roll, country, ambient post rock, folk, a little celtic action, and a whole lotta soul. 

For a little taste of what to expect to see Saturday night, The Staxx Brothers “Slow Jam for Christmas” is jam packed production that acts as a sequel to their previous Christmas song “Cornrows for Christmas.” 


To see this along with all the other songs on the small screen this weekend, tune in to KSTW- CW Channel 11 on Saturday night at 8 or 11 pm. “A Band in Seattle Christmas” will also air the next Saturday at the same times, 8 and 11, so you can enjoy this musical romp with your family while you’re opening presents on Christmas Eve or winding down after a huge meal (I know I will be). 

You can pre-order the album of songs featured in the show on Amazon now, you can stream it on Spotify, and Band in Seattle will soon have the DVD available on their website, including an exclusive vinyl single of “Slow Jam for Christmas” in partnership with Soniphone Records. 

Here’s a collection of stills from the songs for a sneak peek. 

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