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The Shivas and The Dandy Warhols do Portland proud at Showbox at The Market (Photo Slideshow)

Dandy Warhols-7 (900x599)

The Dandy Warhols a Showbox @ The Market (Photo by Arlene Brown)

Two Portland bands represented in a big way at Showbox Market on Friday, June 21, 2013.  The Shivas opened with songs from their new LP Whiteout, produced by Olympia’s K Records.  Bringing surf-rock guitar riffs, amazing bass, and occasional “psychedelic” screams, The Shivas hyped the crowd with Jared Molyneux (vocal,) Eric Shanafelt (bass,) Kristin Leonard (drums/vocals,) and Robert Mannering (guitar/vocals) as our guides to the cool beach/surf/garage rock they obviously enjoy playing on stage!

But nothing could prepare us for our continued trip with the night’s main attraction, The Dandy Warhols Coined the 13/13/13 tour, they played the entire Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia album in celebration of its 13th Anniversary.  They mixed in a few other crowd favorites as well.  Often compared to psychedelic pop bands like The Velvet Underground , The Dandy Warhols took us from soothing songs like “Godless” to almost mosh pittness with “Horse Pills,” “Solid,” and “Get Off.”  And then Courtney Taylor-Taylor had a solo acoustic moment with the crowd singing “Everyday Should be a Holiday.”

Next year will mark their 20th year as a band.  And by what these guys have done in the past, who knows what we’ll see from them.  But be sure, you’ll definitely hear about it in their own Dandy Warhol style.


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