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Ume ‘kicks it’ at The Crocodile (Photo Slideshow)

Two great bands, one rip roaring, rockin’ night.  The Crocodile played host to Black Pussy of Portland, and Ume of Austin Texas.

Black Pussy has a very ’70s rock look,  and the ’70s-’80s rock sound to match.  Reminiscent of Black Sabbath at times, but with a psychedelic rock twist, they were pretty decent with some tight guitar licks.  The drummer was the most entertaining part of the stage.  Dean Carroll was very entertaining and even stole the show at times.   This is music for a crowd that’s ready to smoke out and rock out.

Even though Ume showed up late due to van troubles, they set up quick.  A short sound-check and they jumped right in.  Lauren Larson (vocals & guitar) never disappoints. She is a leg-kicking, vocal-screaming, guitar-ripping front woman!  Ume is promoting their new album Moments. 

Dan Rogers is an up-and-comer in Seattle concert photography. In the mid 90’s Dan was a Light and Video Technician for local artists; however, his passion for music and capturing the moment was put on hold to raise his son. In 2010 Dan reignited his passion by plunging into concert photography. He has since had great opportunities photographing shows on behalf of KNDD 107.7 TheEnd and Back Beat Seattle. Social Distortion, Anthrax, and Garbage are just a few of the bands Dan has been able to cross off his photo bucket list. Dan views being behind the lens as an honor; taking a memory, freezing it in time and capturing the essence of the experience. These are once in a lifetime experiences we live for, memory alone will not suffice. Dan is thrilled to join the team at Seattle Music Insider as a contributing photographer.
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